Bin Cleaning Service

We clean your Household, Recycle and Garden bins.  All bins are cleaned with high pressure water (and if needed, a scrape out and/or scrub which may include a detergent or degreasent depending on dirt level) and finished with a generous blast of people & pet safe disinfectant that smells great. We take our time, do not rush, and get every clean right. And we clean up after ourselves! We never leave any rubbish from the bins on the road.

To become an Aquadia customer simply use any of our contact options to request the cleaning that best suits your needs. If you wish to start with a basic monthly household waste bin clean, simply text WEB and your ADDRESS to 07706 201 212. This will cost just £2.50 per month. We will give you your customer number and note your preferred schedule on our first visit. You can tailor your needs by having a chat with a member of our friendly team.

We have monthly & fortnightly rounds available depending on location.

We currently operate over South Nottinghamshire, from Kegworth to Keyworth East/West and from West Bridgford to East Leake North/South. Not sure if we cover your area? Let us know your location and we will be able to advise.

Our bin cleans cost £2.50 as a regular customer. We charge £5 for a one off clean as it takes up to 10 times longer to do. All Aquadia customers are assigned a unique customer reference number starting AQD’ which should be used for all online payments.

Bin Rounds Schedule

Household Monthly – Jan 2nd to Dec 23rd

Household Fortnightly * – Feb to Nov

Recycle Monthly – Jan 2nd to Dec 23rd

Garden Monthly – Feb to Nov

*= Household bin customers may be reduced to monthly service during the winter months.

From dirty to clean - Recycling bins