Decking, Driveways and Patios


All types of decking cleaned. We will come and assess, measure and provide a free quote.

Cleaning stops your decking being slippery, removes moss and will also remove some discolouration.

£2.50 per square metre

Aquadia decking cleaning

Driveways and Patios

All types of block paving, concrete, slabs can be cleaned. We use specialist equipment that prevents spray.

Moss, weeds and dirt removed. 

£2.50 per square metre

Re-sanding can also be added for an extra 50 pence per metre




Look at the difference Aquadia can make! The final photo was originally posted on Facebook where people didn’t believe it was real, some even claimed it was photoshopped, so we proved it by showing our work step by step.  

Driveway timeline